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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Chechen rebels phoned Gulf during siege

At some point the threads linking the various Islamofascist outrages will have to be traced and when they are I suspect they will lead into the heart of the Saudi world. If only because the very essence of Islamofascism is the particular brand of 13th century Islam espoused by the official and radical clerics of Saudi.


Funny stuffWaiting for a piece to print out I scanned blogs and ran across this:

"What I haven't sold at the town auction house I have either left with neighbors or thrown down my buildings elevator shaft, sort of a time capsule for future generations. I slid my pet mouse in Mrs. Lamberts mail slot, she is 76 years old and has 16 cats so I figure she loves animals and will take good care of Bill Cosby."

Only three entries so far but a wonderfully sardonic wit...


G'Day "Some Asian nations accuse Australia of playing "deputy sheriff" to the U.S. in the region, a perception that has been reinforced by Howard's first-strike stance."

It is, perhaps, time to trundle out the gunboats. States like Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia are some distance away from stability. Where there is instability there can be terrorist enclaves and attacks.

If the state which has the terrorist problem cannot root it out then more powerful neighbours - ideally with the co-operation of the state in question - may need to do the job. This is not news and Howard's remarks are hardly incendiary.

What may be incendiary is the implication that if the states in question are unwilling or unable to co-operate Australia will go it alone. This does not make her the deputy sheriff; rather it makes her sovereign of her own fate. Bali woke Australia up. To bad it didn't sound the alarm for other, vunerable, Asian states.


Fatwa Baby Outrageious as issuing a fatwa demanding the beheading of an author is, the circumstances suggest an even more outrageous bit of pandering is going on.

"Kola Boof, who is living in hiding in the U.S., was sentenced to death by beheading in a fatwa (Islamic ruling) issued by Sudanese diplomat Gamal Ibrahaim in London in late September."

London, when last I looked, was part of the civilized world and had a perfectly good judicial system. Why a) was Mr. Ibrahaim not tossed out of the country for breaching the basic rules of diplomacy or, b) arrested and charged with uttering threats?

But it goes on....

"The fatwa was issued after a shari'a (Islamic) court in London declared Boof guilty of "deliberately and maliciously bearing false witness against religious sentiment and of willing treason against her Arab Muslim father's people and against her nation, the

The so called court met in London....Surely an extra-judicial body meeting to utter sentences of beheading is illegal. Imagine if the IRA - real or otherwise - pronounced a kill order, in public, after a meeting of its elders. Surely the Brits would round up the boys and hold them at Her Majesty's pleasure.

At some point the West will simply have to tell the Muslims that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated. At least where the Western writ runs. And I rather thought it ran in London.