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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Another Weasel Recruited

"Mr Mugabe spoke of himself in the third person to Radio France Internationale: "Chirac was insistent that we attend because some members of the European Union did not want Mugabe to attend." Asked if he had a message for Britain or other members of the EU, President Mugabe, who shunned journalists throughout his visit, said: "All I can say is they should behave like France is behaving."

Nothing I like better than a warm French welcome for a man who uses food aid as a poltical weapon....Bravo Jacques!


UN goes with US/English position

Non-cooperation by the Iraqis make the inspections pointless.But I am willing to be that the bully weasel, his German ally and brave little Belguim will simply say more time is needed.

The diplomacy surounding the invasion of Iraq should simply embarass the Europeans. It will do nothing to divert the Americans if Bush believes there are WMDs in Iraq. And it serves to underscore how far out of touch with the new world reality Old Europe really is.


Is Chirac a weasel or a moron

"We thought we were preparing for war with Saddam Hussein and not Jacques Chirac," said Alexander Vondra, deputy foreign minister of the Czech Republic, one of the European Union applicants that have drawn French ire by openly supporting the United States and Britain in the Iraqi crisis. Mr. Vondra said his country and its immediate neighbors "definitely cannot remain silent," as Mr. Chirac advised on Monday."

The inflated ego of Chirac could not let a win go by without rubbing it in. "Old and arrogant" Europe. And why are the wannabe EUers supposed to support French rather than English policy?

It seems increasingly likely that while the pompous old men of Germany, France and brave little Belguim talk, the new Europe and the Anglosphere will simply invade Iraq.

DEBKAfile - Iraq-al Qaeda Partnership to Target Gulf Oil Fields

All the usual cavets about Debkafiles...but the takeover of Western Iraq seems to make a good deal of sense given that the Iraqi army has been pulled back to Baghdad. As to the convoy to Lebanon?

Well, where would you put your WMD if the UN was crawling all over you? Close to hand but out of the country? It makes a perverse sort of sense. As does the idea that once the weapons have been moved they can be a)given, b) taken by even less attractive people than Saddam.

Sullivan digs in

What is the real war aim? Saddam is going one way or another; but the possibility exists that the envy and the anger of "old Europe" will take the Iraq issue at the flail with which to wound the Anglosphere.

"Chirac and Schroder particularly want to destroy Blair. He represents an alternative vision of Europe - more decentralized, more liberal, more flexible, more Atlanticist. And they would love to wound Bush."

Not allies, rather old, tired men running old, has been nations, who have not the wit nor the wherewithall to really challenge England, much less America.

All I hopeis that Canada has the sense to see who her friends really are. If it is the US, England, staunch Australia and Canda taking down Saddam this would not be a bad thing...Worked well in the darkest days of WWII.

The remarkable thing is Chirac thinks he's winning

Weasel-in-chief Jacques Chirac is pretty convinced that a good tongue lashing is just what Eastern Europe needs for the land of collaborators. Given the realities of the "old Europe" Chirac's comments simply underscore how out of touch the French and the Germans are with any sort of reality.

The weight has shifted. Paris and Berlin are capitals of states which are in the middle or a slow collapse into irrelevance. This has nothing to do with their foreign policy. It has to do with the fact the Class of '68, for all its pomo political bluster, has not managed to reproduce itself in numbers which will keep France of Germany out of the poor house in the next twenty years. Just as demography has sunk Japan, the grim reaper of a low birth rate will leave France and Germany the heads of a Europe which no longer really matters.

"Old Europe" needs Eastern Europe if it wants to matter in the world. Irritating Poland is not a clever move. But, hey, Jacques has blocked a UN resolution so the man is on a high. Too bad the war, or the takeover if we are all lucky, of Iraq is a done deal.

If the French and the Germans want to continue with their anti-war clamouring good on them. They will be sidelined. With luck Poland, Rumainia and a host of other memebers of the coalition of the willing will take out Saddam and reap the spoils.

Of course Jacques will have the satisfaction of having epated America...Not quite as good as D'etaing's Bokassa diamonds; but consolling none the less.


Yikes, Googled

So what you are reading may very well have come from a Google server.

Google has bought Pyra which makes the tech I use to put up this blog and gives me the webspace to post it. Clever of Google.

The next level of the blog world is really quick indexing and, lets face it, Google is the man.