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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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And speaking of making a case

This story from the Weekly Standard has been all over the net; but if you have not read it you need to simply to realize that the links between Osama and Saddam were more than a mutual fist wave at the Great Satan. It is based on a leaked memo and looks pretty solid.

Politically, this puts the boots to the anti-warriors who deny that there was any connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda...although they will, no doubt, argue that US intelligence is a) wrong, b) fixed.


Kevin Michael Grace and Kevin Steel have collaborated to produce chapter and verse on the sheer incompetence and bad faith which surrounds the death of Report Magazine and the invention of the Citizens Centre.

KMG in a later post remarks,
My 3,000-word sally did not succeed in knocking Link Byfield off his high horse. I don’t know exactly what I expected, but an angry mob converging on the headquarters of the Citizens Centre would have been nice. It is madness, of course, to expect justice in this world, but one cannot summon the strength to compose an exposé without the expectation that someone will care.
The angry mob will take a while to assemble simply because the people with the most at stake in the Report/Citizens Centre mess other than the unpaid ex-employees are the thousands of people who subscribed to the magazine in good faith and donated money to the Citizens Centre in equally good faith. That faith has been broken.

The sort of people who are the backbone of an magazine like Report or a movement like the movement Byfield has been trying to get going via the Citizens Centre are the sort of people who would go hungry rather than letting a debt or an obligation go undischarged. They are the sort of people whose major objection to the Ottawa government is that it is run by people who see bankruptcy as a way of doing business.

These people are slow to anger. They are slow to accuse; but once they have the facts they will make their disappointment and anger clear. Byfield will not be able to weasel past the good people who he has duped. As word of KMG's piece begins to spread Byfield will begin to have question after question thrown at him about the Centre's finances but, more importantly, his own ethics.

KMG writes that people have told him there is not a "smoking gun" in either his piece or Kevin Steel's archive. I disagree. The gun is there but it is hiding behind a flimsy legal modesty skirt which is fraying by the instant. The gun's ugly outlines are there: the CC bought a publishing company for $100.00. Was there an assumption of liability agreement which accompanied that transaction? What other consideration was tendered? Were employees entitled to rely upon the representations of the Citizens Centre and its directors as to who was publishing the magazine?

One way or another the thin veil of Link Byfield's legal logic chopping is going to be torn away. Whether it is by way of the current Employment Standards branch investigation into the publishing company and the Citizens Centre or through
Discovery at the very beginning of litigation on behalf of one or more of the ex-employees, every document, financial record and bank statement, every cancelled cheque and memo, every contract and side deal negotiated by Byfield, his father and the various companies and non-profits they control or have controlled, is going to see the light of day.

It will be news if only because the liberal media will relish uncovering the financing of the Report. KMG, Kevin Steel, Colby and a number of other people with sharp pens and a bit of time on their hands, are not going to let this story die.

On Axworthy

One cannot read Axwothy's book without being convinced of his sincere commitment to a better world. All the more troubling, therefore, that he sees the U.S. as a dark force that stands outside the larger assembly of nations and on whom it seeks to impose its will. Canadian foreign policy, he seems to say, cannot be independent if it is supportive of the United States. This is a prescription for our impotence and marginalization.
allan gotlieb | national post
One of the more significant challenges Paul Martin faces is to remake the disaster which is Canadian foreign policy under Axworthy and Axworthy influenced people like Our Lady Peace. Reading Axworthy's book and doing precisely the opposite of most of what he advocates would be a start.



Thank you to everyone who has sent congradulations on the arrival of Max. He flourishes. So does Susan; but blogging will continue to be light as we work out how work/baby/three year old are all going to be managed. At the moment work is taking a distant third place which bodes ill for a continued supply of diapers.



8lb, 3oz | 21 inches | Max | 3:00AM | November 11, 2003

Mother and child doing brilliantly!


Arrival Day

For those of you following along at home: the early signs are that today or early tomorrow will see the arrival of a small Currie. At the moment we are waiting at home for further signs. It is all very murky...more on arrival.

Now, normally this would signal light blogging; but waiting about may well lead to all sorts of posts. Who knows.


Annoyingly my firewall decided to forget everything I've ever told it and I've been off line for most of the weekend. Grrr....But back now/



The Riyadh attack was in a compound in which most of the residents were Arab and Muslim. It indicates, Robert said, "that terrorists really don't care who they attack. It's just another example of the global war on terrorism and why this is going to be a long effort."
san francisco chronicle
Blowing up guest workers and their kids is proof, if more was needed, that the Islamofascists a) are now reduced to attacking soft targets in Arab countries, b) could not care less who they kill and injure. I would call that desperate. Which suggests that the current American approach is working.