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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Bruce Sterling in Reason

A really fascinating interview with Bruce Sterling is up over at Reason:
You get this database toxicity. You go into a system like Lexis-Nexis and you put in a search word and get 60,000 hits, and you think, this is all the knowledge there is in the universe. But it’s actually 10,000 references to six different things, and the actual story is something very few people know.
Or this:
singled out the Greening Earth Society as a psychological experiment in the manufacture of a social movement because I’ve noticed that other social movements hate heretics far more than they hate pagans. Pagans who have never heard the gospel -- you should clothe them. You should send out missionaries. They just don’t know. It’s the people who do know, who have the opposite idea, whom you hate.