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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


The Impediments to Peace

How do we re-establish the conditions for fresh negotiations? Outside pressure might help but, regrettably, in Europe - where there has been a naïve tendency to turn the Palestinian terrorists into freedom fighters - the prevailing anti-Israeli bias has hardly helped persuade Arafat that he needs to respond. Indeed, the European Union supplies Arafat with ample amounts of your tax money both to fill his own Swiss bank accounts and to fund the appalling official Palestinian television service, with its constant diet of music videos extolling Palestinian youths to become suicide bombers.
george kerevan, the scotsman
Kerevan's thoughtful article concludes that it is the Troll of RamallahTMwho unleashed the Palestinian terror campaign and who has driven all shades of Israeli opinion away from a negotiated settlement and toward a unilateral fencing away of the Palestinian problem. A good example of a European giving his head a shake and figuring out where the real ostacles to peace lie. He also points out,
In Europe, this security fence is castigated as a new Berlin Wall. In fact, as I’ve seen for myself, it is, for the most part, a rather fragile barbed-wire fence, with electronic sensors to detect the passage of any would-be suicide bombers. A similar fence surrounds the Gaza Strip, where it has successfully ensured that not one local suicide bomber has ever penetrated Israel proper. The fence is not a prison wall for Palestinians. It seems more of a psychological comfort blanket for Israelis who just want the West Bank to go away.
At some point the Israelis will say, "Enough" and lock down the fence. They do not need the Palestinians but the Palestinians, tyranized by one of the very worst sorts of thugocracies, desperately need the jobs the Israelis can provide and the PA can't.