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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



With the Islamist militant groups, we face people who hate us more than they love life. When you have large numbers of people ready to commit suicide, and ready to do it by making themselves into human bombs, using the most normal instruments of daily life ? an airplane, a car, a garage door opener, a cellphone, fertilizer, a tennis shoe ? you create a weapon that is undeterrable, undetectable and inexhaustible. This poses a much more serious threat than the Soviet Red Army because these human bombs attack the most essential element of an open society: trust.
Thomas Friedman, nyt
Friedman kicks off a five part series on how to contain the terror within the Muslim world with this pretty astute observation. Because if the West loses its capacity to create and protect trust amongst its citizens it begins to lose the very things which make it worth preserving. Terrorists must not be allowed to do this.