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Jay Currie

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Over the Top

The zealous Andrew Coyne, fresh from archiving his million word, two decade long stream of punditry at the Financial Post, Glove and Mail, Southam News and the National Post, has adapted blogrolling to create a little inline mini blog with news headlines....but that's not all folks,
I've adapted another Blogrolling feature to a very pleasing end. Roll your mouse over one of the headlines in the blog-in-a-blog, wait a moment, and up pops a line of text -- a sub-hed, a nugget from lower down in the story, a quick comment, or if nothing else, the story's URL. The effect is quite addictive: rather like consulting the old 8-Ball oracle ("Signs point to yes.")
andrew coyne
Now that the National Post has decided to leave the internet put up a subscribers only wall around its content, it better hope it has a non-compete with Coyne who is well on his way to building a full on Canadian political portal. Now if he could cut a deal with Mark Steyn to post a column a week...