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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



Well that was fun. I hit a tiny cash crunch which meant my ISP went unpaid for a week and a half. Restored now. I had been thinking of taking a blogging break in any case - simply because I wanted to get other work done - and this was the moment.

Living without the net is an interesting and, to a degree, unnerving experience. As we don't really get newspapers on the island it meant relying on radio and television news. Bizarre.

When you get your news from the net you are used to being able to find out more. Basically you construct your own news. Having television news morons cover the attack in Spain or the Spanish election result to take an example meant I felt a sense of being given, at best, half the story.

The other thing which is odd is not being able to get instant and smart commentary. It is not so much that I missed blogging, although I did, it was that I missed reading other people's blogs.

But, ok, back now....ranting and raving will recommence shortly.