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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Copps Out

So while I was hanging about watching waves, Sheila Copps lost her nomination fight. Cosh thinks she's finished, Coyne has the details. Copps was one the few Canadian politicians whose appearance on my television screen ensured I would flip to pro-wrestling or 700 Huntley Street: anything to make the whining stop.

Her major flaw, so far as I am concerned, was that she attempted to institutionalize compassion, tolerance and diversity by government fiat. She thought she was representing the part of the Liberal Party which has a heart, what she was really doing was marginalizing great swathes of Canadians. The entire concept of celebrating diversity and different heritages actually translates into creating professional ethnics and minorities who line up for the lolly and let lose a chorus of whines if the funding ever stops.

This sort of Liberalism, with its patrons and clients locked in a dance of corruption, is exactly the sort of Liberalism Paul Martin needs to eradicate. Beating Copps was a good first step.