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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


don't tell the children

Beyond the usual humbug of diplomatic discourse, there seems to be an anxiety to pretend to Arabs and Muslims that all is well when evidently it is not. It is as if Arabs and Muslims were children who mustn't hear the truth; that assorted Islamists are destabilizing Islamic countries and dragging them by the scruff of the neck into suicidal wars with the neighbors.
jerusalem post
David Pryce-Jones touches on the implicit racism which the leaders of the Middle East practice with respect to their own people. By pretending that the "Arab Street" cannot be told the truth else it seethes and, perish the thought, explodes virtually no Middle Eastern leader has been willing to actually admit that the Palestinians are doing themselves more harm than good and that the Islamic terrorists are a greater threat to Islamic nations than they will ever be to the West.

Reality may bite but it is deeply insulting to the people of Islamic nations that their own leaders are unable to tell the truth about Yassin or the Troll of Ramallah or OBL.