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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Festive and Flightless in America

Are you a Fiscal Conservative or Libertarian Republican fed up with President Bush? Then Maybe Gay Penguin is the candidate for you.

Consider that President Bush has created one of the largest spending deficits in the history of our country. He's allowed American jobs- good jobs, in manufacturing, in medicine, in engineering- to be exported to foreign markets, including China. He's overextended our military and now he's tinkering with the Constitution to win points in the polls.

Fed up? Gay Penguin is too. Think about it:

With a Gay Penguin as your President, never mind small Government, there'd be almost no Government. Love Guns? Gay Penguin doesn't, but who cares, he can't tell anyone to take them away from you. He's a Penguin!
gay penguin for americavia seanincognito
Beats the hell out of Nader.