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Jay Currie

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Library Internet Filtering

One of the more fun things I do is run a little blog on Library Internet Filtering. Because the Congress of the United States passed a rather silly law called the Children's Internet Protection Act, CIPA, there is a market in the States for internet filters. A friend of mine, Bob Turner, who is just putting up his own blog, build large scale filters for Fortune 500 companies who don't want their employees watching porn, gambling or otherwise goofing off during working hours.

I thought his filter would be ideal for the library market as Bob has no agenda at all. The problem is that virutally all of the library players have an agenda - they just hate the very idea of filters. It has been a fascinating learning curve. Partially about filters and computers, mainly about how people get locked into positions. It has also given me the opportunity to look at what lengths people are willing to go to to prevent their children from seeing material which they deem inappropriate.

It is a hard fought marketplace. How hard, well, while the Google conditions of use prohibit me from discussing any aspect of Adsense, I can say that I deeply value any traffic on the LibraryFilter site. Deeply.

I'm putting the link up on the left if you want to drop by and watch a bit of the culture war close up. (The scary part is that the pro-filtering people seem to be as concerned about kids seeing boobies as they are about hard core porn. Weird.)