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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Not smart

Government MPs supported a Liberal motion allowing the inquiry to obtain general daily agendas for the former officials, but shot down a motion calling for more detailed evidence. Opposition MPs want telephone records, briefing notes and daytime planners that would show how closely Mr. Gagliano worked with the former Public Works official in charge of sponsorship grants.

The confrontation in the public accounts committee continued on the floor of the Commons, where Conservative Leader Stephen Harper suggested Mr. Gagliano lied during his testimony last week. Paul Martin, the Prime Minister, accused the Conservatives of trying to stretch out the committee testimony for partisan purposes.

Mr. Gagliano has told the committee he met Chuck Guite, the former head of the Public Works branch running the program, only four or five times a year.

That contradicted earlier testimony from Ranald Quail, the department's deputy minister, who said Mr. Gagliano worked closely with Mr. Guite. Another bureaucrat in the same branch is also expected to testify that Mr. Gagliano met Mr. Guite frequently when he was minister.
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It is time for the Liberals to realize that Gagliano is a liability and get out of the way of proving, one way or another, if he is telling the truth.

The Conservatives don't have to spin out the inquiry, all they have to do is show that the Liberals blocked attempts to get to the bottom of Adscam. In fact, from the Conservative's perspective, there is probably more political mileage from the Liberals trying to block evidence than from the evidence itself.