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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Now tell us where you really stand

There's just no end of amusement to be had from AdBuster's foray into anti-Semitism. Over at The Tyee, Deborah Campbell responded to my earlier comment regarding her association with AdBusters:
For the record, I do not decide what Adbusters prints any more than I decide what appears in the Tyee. As one of many contributors to the magazine, yet one who neither works in the office nor is involved in the magazine's production, mine is simply one of many viewpoints. As someone who has worked for the Canadian Jewish Congress, I don't countenance any sort of racism, though I do support freedom of speech--even Jay Currie's. I have written a book of reportage on the Mideast conflict and lived and studied in Israel. For Adbusters I write on such topics as the revolution in Georgia, the novels of JM Coetzee, and (upcoming) the media wars over the movie Citizen Kane. I take responsibility for my own words and mine alone. DC

Jay Currie, 3/24/2004 12:43:09 AM, writes:

So Deb, just for fun, and recognizing that you are all for freedom of speech, even mine, what is your purely personal position regarding AdBusters' publisher Kalle Lasn's editorial at Do you agree with Lasn? Are you happy to be associated with a magazine which holds these views?
As I said in my post yesterday,
I don't believe in guilt by association however, when your tag line reads "Deborah Campbell is an editor at Adbusters" my sense is that it's fairball to ask where that person stands on that magazine's loathsome campaign.
So now I've asked....we'll see what she says.