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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Palestine Civil War Watch

Mr Sharif, who masterminded Palestinian plane hijackings in the 1970s and recruited Carlos the Jackal, said at this home in Ramallah that he still expected Hamas to join Fatah in declaring a ceasefire in the conflict once it had satisfied its demand for revenge.

He said Hamas had agreed to take part in a meeting to discuss a ceasefire in Cairo next week. He also predicted that there would be a showdown between Fatah, the secular movement which runs the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas, the Islamist movement. "Yes, definitely," he said. "At the right time."

He said that Mr Arafat would not embark on tackling Hamas until he was convinced that the US was serious about the peace process.
The Troll of Ramallah (TM) is going to tackle Hamas. Right.