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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Pope Noam

Over at the tyee Deborah Campbell tries to inject a bit of life into the Noam Chomsky's standard rant about just how darn evil America is. (So evil that they have yet to silence Chomsky. ) Campbell confirms what a close analysis of Chomsky's thought suggests: believing this amounts to a religious rather than political affirmation of faith:
Of course, like the Pope, Chomsky went over the stories we already know. It was a kind of liturgy for leftists, reminding everyone of the facts about American interventionism around the world and about the corporate media not telling us about what's really going on.
Interestingly, Campbell is an editor for the anti-Semitic AdBusters magazine and it would be fascinating to know whether a) she associates herself with AdBusters "out the Jews" campaign, b) if she doesn't, what steps she has taken to distance herself from that campaign.

I don't believe in guilt by association however, when your tag line reads "Deborah Campbell is an editor at Adbusters" my sense is that it's fairball to ask where that person stands on that magazine's loathsome campaign.