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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Real War

Wretchard at Belmont Club casts the Yassin assasination and the Madrid bombings into a much needed larger context:
However, the struggle against terrorism now threatens to become a fight to the finish instead of a Cold War ballet of competition circumscribed by deterrence. Since Jihadistan has shown no inclination to settle for less than total victory, it invariably led to symmetrical American goals. September 11 proved that terrorism could not be contained. It had to be finished. A prescient European foreign policy would have realized on September 12 that this conflict structure would inevitably lead to a widening war, one that would engulf Europe's own borders. But it did not grasp the implications of the struggle in time. It is now terribly vulnerable to the tides of conflict that lap against its frontiers.
belmont club
This is the last thing the appeasers want to hear or to understand; but there is no room for negotiation with the likes of Al Qaeda or Hamas. There is no business to be done so it really does not matter if there are no headmen to fail to do it with.

Over at Winds of Change Joe Katzman puts it in the Israeli context:
Israel kills Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in an airstrike. In return, Hamas vows bloody revenge.

Which means what, exactly? Ruthlessly murdering men, women, children and old people in calculated strikes? Committing to a goal of genocide and cleaning against Jews, regarding them as sub-human? Doing everything in their power to annihilate the Jewish state and its inhabitants?

As opposed to what would have happened if Israel had left Hamas and its leader alone, of course...

read the rest! ?

In which case Hamas would continue to ruthlessly murder men, women, children and old people in calculated strikes, remain committed to its long-standing goal of genocide and cleansing against sub-human Jews ("sons of apes and pigs"), and do everything in their power to annihilate the Jewish state and its inhabbitants.
In effect there is no downside for Isreal when it kills a murder monger like Yassim. Nor will there be a downside when Osama meets his bullet.