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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


A shooting war

No less a lefty than Robert Fisk manages to almost figure out the implications of the assasination of Sheikh Yassin
No one has begun to work out the implications of all this. For years, there has been an unwritten rule in the cruel war of government-versus-guerrilla. You can kill the men on the street, the bomb-makers and gunmen, but the leadership was allowed to survive.

Now all has changed utterly. Anyone who advocates violence - even if they are palpably incapable of committing it - are now on a death list. So who can be surprised if the rules are broken by the other side?
the star
Er, yes Bob. After decades of inaction some people have recognized that shooting the gunmen and the suicide bombers on the way to scatter a few body parts was not working.

There may have been a time when the logic of leaving terrorist leaders alive so that they could negotiate an end to the terror they were creating made sense. But Osama does not seem to be a negotiation sort of chap. Yassin would not even accept the Oslo accords and preached against the roadmap. The Troll of Ramallah (TM) should certainly be on the list simply because he is no longer worth negotiating with as he has yet to implement a single step required by the roadmap.

When negotiation is futile it becomes time to stop shooting the foot soldiers and start shooting the generals.

And as for that sly little dig about not being surprised if the rules are broken by the other side: tell it to Musharraf. I rather doubt that Hamas would be adverse to a shot at Sharon or Bush. It has never been an axion of the Islamofascist terrorists that only foot soldiers and civilians be killed - it is merely a reflection of their present inability to hit hard targets. Far easier to blow up trains in Spain than shoot Tony Blair.