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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


And speaking of desperate

al Qaeda blew up the Saudi National Security Headquarters earlier today.
Crown Prince Abdullah and the interior minister, Prince Nayef, visited the wounded, news agencies reported, with Prince Nayef pledging that the "hand of justice" will punish the attackers, Reuters said.

"It pains us that these people call themselves Muslims and citizens of this nation," Prince Nayef was quoted as saying.
new york times
The Saudis have known for some time that they had a huge al Qaeda problem right at home. And they have, to a degree, been working to stamp it out. However, given their track record and their unwillingness to step on the Wahabbi clergy's toes, the Saudis seem divided on how to solve the problem.

A good start would be to tell the assorted government paid Imam's to cool it with their Friday sermons. A small thing; but it would tend to reduce the level of tension and the level of support the terrorists enjoy in Saudi.