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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


The Bag Carrier

The Apprentice is, thankfully, over. Now is it just me or were the two final tasks - run a golf tournament, escort a rock starlet - the sort of thing which may not have needed a Harvard MBA or significant startup experience. It is not as if Bill had to recruit the celebrities or find the promo gifts - his whole job was to make sure a couple of signs and a car were somewhere on a golf course. The worst which could have happened was that the dinner tent would catch on fire or the Donald's hair would fall off on the fifth tee.

Kuame? Get rock star from airport to hotel. Now, if this was a real rock star, say Keith Richards, that might be a challenge; but this was Jessica Simpson who, until The Apprentice I thought was the soother sucking baby on The Simpsons. But Jessica is a big girl and she has "people". There was no issue here other than Osama-rosa opening her mouth and lying.

Both of the tasks were one or two person gigs. Bill should have kept Amy for decorative and Donald value and fired the rest. Kuame should have kept Troy just for the fun of it and fired the rest.

But the teaser for next year promises shorter deadlines and Fortune 500 companies. And now everyone knows that you can fire really lame team members....should be fun.