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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Blogging thoughts

I am in the process of cobbling together an article on mainstream media and blogging so there will be a few of these fragments over the next couple of days:

My own sense is that blog tech will become the essential engine which will drive "websites". The center column, frequent update blog will be surrounded by links to internal and external pages with a bit of advertising sqeezed in at the margins.

A large part of this is the fact a blogged website will always be quicker to edit and update than a non-blogged one and search engines are really quick to pick up the updates.

What will seperate out the next generation of A list bloggers will be their online affiliations - group blogs and the like - and their connectedness to mainline media. I note Kevin Drum now has a gig. The Prof and Sullivan are writing in mainstream media. This is a trend which is going to grow, fast.

In essence blogging is training up a generation of citizen journalists who are now fact checking mainstream media hard and, slowly, developing their own stories. The power of that development lies in what amounts to "networked" journalism where each node (blogger) is contributing to the arc of the story.