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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Bone Headed

There are times when you have to wonder at the Bush administration's intelligence. Why hand the New York Times this sort of hammer?
Explaining the latest act of obstruction, Scott McClellan, the president's spokesman, said on Thursday that some documents were duplicative, unrelated or "highly sensitive." The White House, he said, had given the commission "all the information they need." Mr. Bush's staff should not be making that judgment. The commission's 10 members can be trusted with sensitive material.
If the Bushies had particular national security reasons for withholding some of the documents, fine. But this is just dumb. The 9/11 Commission is important. Not because it is going to shnge anything and not because it will expose errors. It is important because people need to know that the Clinton administration and the Bush administration were able to do only so much pre 9/11.

There is simply no upside to Bush stonewalling the Commission. None.