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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


A Braver Man than I

Over at Let it Bleed Bob does his weekly dissection of Heather malice.
Mallick reveals again her pathological hatred of the US: everything is their fault. The US is the only actor, all others are simply acted upon, and murderous rage is the only justifiable and "rational" response. But Mallick manages to get basic history wrong. "Reagan's disastrous foray" into Lebanon, was done at the request of Lebanese authorities, in order to evacuate the PLO, and was part of a multinational peacekeeping force (the Italians and the French participated); quite how trying to save the PLO enraged Hezbollah sufficiently to prompt the murder of Americans is a bit unclear, but clarity has never been one of Mallick's strengths. Nor is it terribly clear how "making Saddam an ally" fueled the rise of al Qaeda. Nor how it was America's unique responsibility to "help Muslims in Bosnia" (after all, where were the French when this was happening on their front step?), but that the fact that they did help them gets no credit. But, again, whatever: Mallick is looking to make an argument, just to spew bile.
let it bleed
Personally, I am utterly unable to read Mallick. My theory is they keep her around the Globe and Mail either because she has pics of a senior editor and a goat or she makes Leah McLaren look smart by comparison. Either way, Bob has at her with great glee. Go read it.