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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



In a comment below James Bow asks why I am so negative about the United Nations. This piece from the CBC pretty much explains it:
Saddam Hussein, senior UN staff members and companies from Security Council member-countries are accused of conspiring together to skim billions from the program.

Russia and France wanted a discreet internal probe, thinking it was better to keep the corruption charges in-house at the UN rather than have outside investigators poking into the alleged links between Saddam, top UN staffers and Russian and French companies.
Now, do you think this Franco Russian desire for discretion might have had anything to do with their veto threats in the leadup to the war? And, for a moment consider whether there would have been a war at all if France and Russia had lined up with the United States and England during that run up.

Part of the tragedy of Iraq is that Saddam might have been removed with no more than a gentle push from a United Nations. But the corrupt practices of some very venal men stood in the way.