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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Deep Analysis on Iraq

If you are not already reading Dan Darling at Regnun Crucis start now....even with the awful yellow on blue layout. Darling gets to the level of detail the folks at big media don't want to know, much less report:
Also, based on the ongoing corpse identification process of the suspected insurgents who have been killed in Fallujah to date (and we’re talking upwards of 400 of them), the vast majority appear to be Iraqi, though there are some definite non-Iraqi Arabs (don’t ask me how they tell this from a corpse) and non-Arabs in the mix. Given the apparent collapse of the Baathists as a viable unified force, it looks like we’re starting to see a “Chechenization” of the Iraqi insurgency wherein the local cannon fodder is all either Iraqi jihadis or Baathists but are commanded or controlled by the al-Qaeda leadership. Oui.