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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



the temptation to "go Roman" and teach the Sunnis a rather stiff lesson will, of course, be resisted. The Marines will not be sent to level and then salt Fallujah. Nor will the American troops and contractors pull out of the Sunni triangle. The mangled corpses will be recovered and the Americans will move on.

But will they forget? At this point the most effective answer to the outrage at Fallujah would be to, in a few months, pull out and leave Fallujah to the Shi'ite majority. They have far more scores to settle than eight or nine.

The objective in Iraq is not, however, revenge or the creation of fear; rather it is to restore civil society in a nation which has largely forgotten what that means. No small task and not one made easier by the vile excuses for men we saw cavorting in the streets of Fallujah.