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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Herling: Spin with attitude

Campaign co-chair David Herle explained how Liberals will paint their election platform as a positive one, compared with what he described as Harper's anti-Canadian agenda.

Canada's soldiers would be fighting in Iraq today against public will if it were up to Harper, and the country's social programs and medicare would be gutted by the major tax cuts he has proposed, Herle argued.

"They actually don't like Canada the way it is," Herle told reporters after delivering a presentation to about 400 Liberals at an Ontario meeting. The longtime Martin adviser delivered a similar talk later Saturday to a Quebec audience.

"They do think it's some socialist backwater that's in decline and they do think that it needs to be fundamentally changed. Stephen Harper says, 'If we get into office, you won't recognize this country.' Well that scares Canadians. That's not what they're looking for."
What's amazing about Herle is his ability to conclude that if you take issue with the Liberal agenda in Canada you are anti-Canadian.

Usually, when a political party sees its agenda and performance as synonymous with the nation it is well past time for that party to spend some time in Opposition. The last thing Martin needs is a senior party operator telling people that Canada and the Liberal Party are, well, the same thing.