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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Iraq Out of Control?

The pitiful accounts of the battle of Fallujah should put paid to the silly press suggestions that the US military is "overwhelmed". The problem is that the terrifying combat efficiency of the Marines may in fact lead to the literal extermination of enemy forces. US authorities, with a longer term end game in mind, are balancing the political outcomes of letting the Marines continue, even in their restrained mode, and taking more US casualties from holding back. When the media learns the full extent of enemy casualties in Fallujah, Kut, Ramadi, Saddam city and elsewhere, the image of the US military will be switched from "hapless" to "bullying" in a millisecond. As pointed out previously, the real problem in this cycle is intel and planning and not so much the shooting. Finding the right targets to hit to advance our political goals is the crucial part. CENTCOM I think, has been trying to use force to shape the situation.
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Two days ahead of the network news, which seems to think Iraq has fallen down a rabbit hole to quagmire and a sticky end only a year after the nation was liberated, the tide is turning. Wretchard has it exactly right when he says,
The press has got it absolutely backwards. There is no crisis in military capability. The real problem is political. There are now huge strategic opportunities and dangers. But the first step is to put the revolt down, and this is near to happening, and to install the Iraqi Governing Council as soon as possible.
It will be around Monday, or maybe as late as Tuesday given the Easter weekend, that big media's "daring rebels" turn into "victims of America's senseless anger". A day or two after that look for the happy news that the Marines at Fallujah were "out of control", "beserk with rage", and, no doubt, "committed attrocities". I suspect we'll also hear the Marines "tore a page from the Israeli handbook".

If, by some chance, the Americans look like winning, the media and the Left are going to have to reverse the spin cycle.