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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Kinsella Speaks

Albertan though I was, I was drawn to the Liberal Party because I believed (as I do now) that only a strong central government could serve as an effective bulwark against Quebec nationalism. Back then, only Mr. Trudeau's party possessed the necessary fortitude and conviction to confront Quebecois secessionists, I thought.

The xenophobia manifesting itself in the burgeoning Western separatist movement also nudged me towards the Liberals. At the time, legitimate concerns about the National Energy Program were degenerating into a morass of anti-French, anti-immigrant, anti-Eastern bigotry. Among the nation's political leaders, only Mr. Trudeau's seemed capable of making the case for federalism. As had been the case before him, with Mike Pearson - and after Pierre Trudeau, with Jean Chrétien.
warren kinsella
As he often does, Kinsella puts it in a nutshell. He wanted a strong central government, one that could keep those pesky Quebec Nationalists at bay by buying every billboard in Quebec and sticking the Canadamark on them.

Some of us thought that, perhaps, the Central Government might have been a wee bit too strong what with effectively raping the West on oil pricing through the National Energy Program and shovelling useless billions of dollars into doomed regional development programs for regions of the country which should have been encouraging out migration from WWII on.

Well, Warren is out of the Grits now. Martin seems to have thought the better of holding the country together by main force and handout politics (or has he, well, Warren thinks so at least).

So what will Kinsella do now - how about trying to resurect Joe Clark, or Sheila Copps, or both. Maybe a Progressive Liberal Party to bolster the feds in the time of crisis Martin is surely foisting upon us. It's motto might be, kudos to Ms. Copps, apologies to the shade of Waugh, "Put out more flags."