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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


The Logic of War

Victor Davis Hanson suggests a general policy of no more Mr. Nice Guy for the United States in Iraq and with respect to Iran and Syria. He doesn't forget the Troll of Ramallah (TM):
We should inform the Palestinians that they are now analogous to Albanians circa 1970 or, better yet, contemporary North Koreans, who now stay out of the United States and vice versa. No aid whatsoever, no travel, no direct ties until barbarism ceases on the West Bank. Americans can accept war, but what tires them are enemies who lob a bomb, scream on television, assassinate an occasional American, and then seethe, claiming that they collectively hate the United States—and yet want its attention, money, and aid. It is time to accept their animus and assume that in this war against fascism in the Middle East, Arafat and Hamas too are quite logically our enemies and should be put on notice concerning the dangerous wages of that new reality.
victor davis hanson