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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Martin Surrenders, Pandering wins the day

Mr. Martin told the MPs that he is proud of former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's legacy of refusing to join the war, and criticized Mr. Harper for going to the United States to appear on a Fox News program and criticize the Liberal government for refusing to have Canada join the war.
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Is there anything so vile as a politician in trouble depositing his principles at the door. Martin is going to Washington next week where he will meet President Bush - maybe. Frankly, if I were Bush I would suddenly find a reason to be out of town.

This sort of knee jerk anti-Americanism is right in line with Martin's other pathetic strategy of trying to convince us that the Conservative Party has been taken over by evangelical Christians. A charge which is as inflamatory as it is nasty. Martin and the Herle seem to think they are running the last election. I don't think too many Canadians will be distracted from the AdScam fiasco by this sort of thing. But, sadly, people within reach of the Toronto Star do the weirdest things.