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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Meanwhile, at CBC headquarters....

"Cue the attrocity footage"

"This is Peter Mansbridge. Disturbing images are emerging from the smoking rubble of the once proud city of Fallujah and the holy city of Najaf.

American Marines shot their way past resistance units in a show of unrestrained military force.

Philip Graham is with the resistance, Philip...

Cue shot of exhausted Shi'ite.

'There is no difference between Falluja and Sadr City,' said Nassir Salman, a barber who was working late. 'They are fighting and we are fighting. Inshallah , there will be jihad. But we are jealous of Falluja. We are waiting for our leaders to declare jihad. Now, it is worse than Saddam. He killed secretly - but the Americans kill us on the streets.'

"Hundreds, perhaps thousands of Iraqis are dead in the streets of Fallujah. Some fighters but most civilians so far as the authorities in this war ravaged city can tell."

And so on. The spin cycle will be reversed and the bumbling American military of last week will be turned into all too efficient killers of women and children. Blunderers to bullies in one news cycle.

[note: while I've been watching the hockey game I am making this least for today.]