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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Mob tactics

ONE of al-Qaeda’s top officials has ordered the killing of Muslim leaders if they co-operate with intelligence services and the police to thwart terrorist attacks.

In a message to the followers of Osama bin Laden around the world, Abdul Aziz al-Muqrin, the new leader of the terror network in Saudi Arabia, listed Muslim clerics "who co-operate with the enemy" as one of the top two targets for future attacks.

The warning of attacks on clerics came just three days after the Muslim Council of Britain decided to write to every mosque in the country urging them to help police fight terrorism and to be alert for possible illegal activities, a message welcomed by Tony Blair.
the scotsman
I'd missed this but Debbye didn't. One of the things which I think is becoming evident is that al Qaeda is far more than a bombing for bombings' sake oraganization. They are prepared to use terror for leverage both within the Muslim world and against governments.

As the Socialists in Spain are learning to their anguish any form of capitulation is just blood to the shark. This is war. On a front which stretches from the West to the East and back again. The faster that is recognized the faster the war will be won. But fast here is a relative term. A decade, two?

Caught in between will be the vast majority of Muslims who want nothing to do with the Islamofascists but who are terrorized into silence. They need our support and our encouragement to renounce the terrror and denounce the terrorists. But, as the decades wear on the West's willingness to treat Islam as a religion of peace will increasingly depend on just how willing Muslims are to stand with us against the terror.