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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



"At the bottom of it, the bureaucrat, who is caught in the middle, is a pawn. The politician is in direct contact with the ad agency, who has an IOU relationship," said Mr. Richard.

"Those agencies helped the political party to get into power and in helping them, they did it for very advantageous rates. In consequence, when the party is in power, they remit contracts from such Crown corporations as Canada Post, VIA Rail, Tourism Canada -- they always go to accounts held by ad agencies who helped them get elected," said Mr. Richard.
ottawa citizen
OK, maybe I'm a cynic but this would seem like a pretty straighforward, if corrupt quid pro quo. I wonder if Alain Richard a former vice-president of the Groupaction ad firm will be called to testify in public?

We need a real inquiry here. I hear that Frank Iacobucci might be available. If Martin has any hope of surviving this, and I rather think he doesn't there needs to be real inquiry with a real judge and real rules, sworn evidence and cross conducted by lawyers who have actually been in Court.