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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Poor Kalle, JewBusters a Bust

Happy news from Kathie Shaidle
Yesterday, a piece in the National Post (locked behind their subscribers-only wall) quoted the author, Kalle Lasn*:

"This has made me feel like I am the victim," Mr. Lasn said in an interview from his Fraser Valley home, adding he has never seen "this level of threatening phone calls, this level of swearing, this level of cancelled subscriptions" in his risk-taking company's 15-year history.

Where to start, eh kiddies?
Where indeed. In my American Spectator piece I forgot to swear at him. Damn. And as I didn't have a subscription I couldn't cancel.

What Lasn didn't perhaps realize is that real live bigotry, as opposed to the Human Rights Commission kind, provokes reaction. He is not, of course, the victim: the victims are the Jewish people who Lasn's anti-Semitism stigmatizes as it has stigmatized Jews for centuries.

I rather hope all his subscriptions will be cancelled and that he can crawl back into whatever Ernst Zundel infested hole he has crawled out of.

UPDATE Looks like Kalle has taken down the comments on his bit of anti-Semitic bile. Which means I get to quote the next part of Kathy's post, (because I couldn't possibly put it better),
There was a time when someone in Mr. Lasn's position might have dared to describe himself as a "hero" for printing a controversial article. Or a "misunderstood genius" or a "maverick" or whathaveyou. He might have said, "Screw our stupid subscribers! I will continue to publish if we lose ALL our subscribers. Ha!"

But this is 2004, principled manhood is not something commonly seen among the Left (except among some of the women) so Lasn's default position of "honour" is "victim". Catcher rather than pitcher, to use an unpleasant jailhouse metaphor.
Kathie Shaidle