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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Posting the Jewels

Of course the near blog at The National Post is probably not a response to Shotgun or any other external event. Rather, I suspect that the editorial board, being just a little swifter than the business boffins at the Post, realized that their net presence had dropped to zero. The genius of the subscriber only model is that it ensures that no one on the net links to the Post.

At a guess, the editorial board - a fairly forward looking crew - looked for a way to bring the Post's web profile back up and hit on the blog idea. With the "high value" content - wire service rewrites and sports - safely locked behind the sub-wall, the business boffins figured, what the heck - and silently wondering what the hell a blog was, relieved not to have to find out.

What the boffins don't know is that the quick takes of their editorial board are the premier high value content on the paper. The raw concentrated product which is then diluted and swilled out in endless, often padded, column inches to the subs who like their papers thick.