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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



Is it just me or are the MPs sitting on the Public Accounts Committee the least competent cross examiners I have ever seen. I can barely watch as Ministers and senior civil servants demonstate just how much smarter they are than the dumb ass MPs. The fog rolls in as soon as a witness sits down and not one of the MPs seems able to use basic cross skills to cut through it.

I can't help but compare and contrast with the tradition of Congressional Investigations in the US where the majority and minority on the Committee retain counsel and the Chairman acts more as a judge than a jolly uncle.

The good plain folks on the Accounts Committee don't seem to have a clue about actually having the emails, memos and daytimers in front of them when they ask a question. Nor do they understand the basic idea of asking tight, close ended questions in order to establish a record.

It is really becoming a pathetic performance.

After watching the Hutton Inquiry it is just so disappointing to see the MPs being made fools of.