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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Rock On

Our Prime Minister arrived at the Junos - a rock and roll award show named after a federal bureaucrat named Pierre Juneau - to pump up the audience with this rhetorical flourish,
"Politics have to relate to people," the prime minister said. "You have to use intermediaries," he added as he gestured to the celebrities present.
The story goes on,
Kyla Pierson, 13, agreed voting is important. "Everyone should have their say in the government," she said.

But she admitted she was most interested in seeing the celebrities. "I'm here to see Nelly."

Furtado came to the stage to perform her current single Try, but before she started to sing the 25-year-old, who became a mother last year, made an admission of her own.

"I've never voted in my life," she said, but added she agreed to take part in the forum as a way of participating in the political process.

"I'm just getting started, like everyone else."
Delighted as I am that Nelly is both a mum and a potential voter I am not at all sure that the rallying cry "You have to use intermediaries." hits the right youth buttons.

I imagine that there will be very few Liberal - or any other party canidates who will be running on the slogan "Vote for me, intermediary. I stand between you and your government."