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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Shotgun, reloaded

The Western Standard's Shotgun is now a real blog with permalinks, comments and a groovy interface. Random firing will now commence.

The blog is already gaining attention:
It looks like civil war broke out at the Shotgun on the topic of Bill C-250 which seeks to criminalize "hate propaganda" against homosexuals.

This skirmish began when it was claimed that this proposed bill was anti-Christian and suggested that its real objective was to pursue a "Christophobic" policy. I am against this bill, but this kind of discourse seems rather paranoid to me.
Le blog de Polyscopique

With luck Shotgun - and the Flea and I vow to drop the "the" - is going to be exploring the corners where libertarians and socons agree and the nastier bits where they can't. In many ways, if the blog is successful it will reflect the ways in which the Conservative Party and small "l" liberal thinking in Canada are evolving.