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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Somewhere in Iraq

"Honey, you're home! I thought you'd vowed to fight the Americans to the bitter end."

"Well, you know, we forgot to bring any food, we're not allowed to drink beer, and some of the guys got kind of lonely, and I mean what's the whole point anyway, since the rest of the country didn't rise up with us. Why should we be the only ones out there getting shot in the head?"

"You're nothing but a bunch of worthless cowards! What my father ever saw in you, I have no idea!"
"Shut up!" *smack*
bastard sword
The Washington Post is reporting that al-Sadr's militias are standing down. Bastard Sword is having a little fun:
So much of Islamist ideology is bound up in this idea that if you just can kick off the big apocalypse, Allah will intervene and smite down all the unholy enemies of Islam. This happily keeps them from ever needing a plan B, since as long as plan A works, i.e. doing something really violent, frightening, and stupid, Allah will step in and take care of the rest. Being Westerners, we would assume that they'd never kick off plan A without a plan B, plan C, and plan D, all well orchestrated, complicated, and unfathomable. In truth that's often not the case. The Islamic radicals are one of the small subsets of humanity that lacks the gene for plan B.

Most reasonably smart people, or even most people who aren't just incredibly stupid, won't intentionally initiate any type of guerrilla campaign by getting themselves surrounded, pinned down, and outgunned at the very beginning of the fight. Usually that stage is reached about a week before the bitter end, which strangely, seems to be the exactly the place where these "al-Sadrones" started out. For all those who like to compare this to Tet, the difference should be obvious. The VC in the Tet offensive were striking the cities, and the survivors were going to melt back into the jungles. In Iraq they're trying to strike from the cities, and melting back into a city that we're going to level just seems like a bad plan, now doesn't it?
Strategy, tactics and a mocking sense of humour. What fun after the endless predictions of quagmire.