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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



The US Fox network reported that the video showed a hooded man being killed by a shot to the head. The hood was then removed.

The dead man was named last night as Fabrizio Quattrocchi, 36, from Genoa. The Italian foreign minister, Franco Frattini, confirmed during a live chat show that an Italian official had seen the video of the execution.

Al-Jazeera's spokesman said: "They slaughtered the hostage because of Berlusconi's last remarks refusing to withdraw troops from Iraq."
the guardian
In cold blood. Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi was determined:
. "They have cut short a life. They have not damaged our values and our commitment to peace."
He has learned the essential rules: you do not negotiate with terrorists, you do not alter national policy when terrorists strike. You do not give into thugs.