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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Voice of Authority

Nice to see York University is maintaining its program of encouraging the insane to speak on campus,
Zafar Bangash, director of the Toronto-based Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought, also spoke about 9/11. The institute is described on its website as “an intellectual centre of the global Islamic movement.”

“There was Osama bin Laden sitting in a cave plotting these fantastic events and no one in the United States knew about this?” Bangash asked.

He also challenged the audience to consider whether bin Laden disabled the entire U.S. Air Force.

“It is standard policy that as soon as a plane goes off a flight path, the air force is mobilized to intercept the plane. Where was the U.S. Air Force?”

Bangash spoke about several conspiracy theories, including allegations that Canadian corporations defrauded Canadian taxpayers out of $2.5 billion in order to make banks Y2K compliant.

“Now this happened in Canada. You can imagine what goes on in the United States,” he said.

Bangash also complained about the lack of leadership in the Muslim community in Toronto.

“Any screwball can get up… [and] give their two-bit opinion about Islam.”
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You can say that again.
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