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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


What Europe (and parts of Canada) doesn't get about America

It's because too many of Europe's opinion makers are living in a delusional world anyway. They believe that raising taxes and increasing social spending doesn't stifle economic growth, and that labor laws which prevent layoffs increase employment. They think they can catch up to the US economically by 2010. They think all disagreements can be settled through negotiations and that no one needs or should have a military any longer. They think all citizens should rely on the state to protect them from criminals, and any who try to protect themselves should be punished.

They think they're still important, and they think that the world views them that way. Amidst that great sea of delusion, it's hardly surprising that they also think America is becoming more and more European as it finally grows up, and that deep down we admire them and want to be more like them.
steve den beste
Watching the French march out and vote socialist, communist and green to promote a "more humane" social policy underscores the level of delusion which infects the chattering classes in Europe. Watching the anti-warriors in England, Spain, France and Canada systematically ignore the viciousness of Saddam in order to pilory Bush and America suggests a nasty streak of malice.

Den Beste is perfectly aware of the issues which confront America; but he is also something which Europe is trying to erradicate are rather unevolved - a patriot. The thrust of his article is that, Democrat or Republican, the people Americans are going to elect to office in November are also patriots.

They are not in the least bit concerned with world opinion, the Arab Street or the anti-American Left. Regardless of party, Americans try to do what is best for America. They often get it wrong. But that's what the critical Europeans need to understand about the States.

It will make no difference at all whether Bush or Kerry is sitting in the Oval Office in January. Either man will do what he sees as best for the nation he has sworn to preserve and protect.