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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Yahoo! bump

The Currie plan for solvency in our time took a baby step forward today with my Mesothelioma Attorney Blog moving up two places to #8 on the front page of a Yahoo! search for "mesothelioma attorney". As frequent readers know, "mesothelioma" is the highest priced keyword on the internet and, in combination with "attorney" is much valued by the tort bar.

With the Google IPO out today, the whole world of search engines and context sensitive advertising is in the spotlight. The ability of search engines to deliver targeted customers to web based merchants is at the heart of the revenue model both Yahoo and Google are employing.

The meso experiment has been interesting as it reveals that the advertising robot employed by Google is very efficient indeed. It turns up quickly and figures out exactly what is on the site. Similarly, Yahoo's indexing bot is pretty darn quick. It arrived on the blog about a week after I submitted the blog for inclusion.

The only disappointment is the Google bot itself. No sign of it and I submitted the site at exactly the same time.

Of course people will point out that if I used a paid submission it would up and running; but my sense is that the real value of search engines in what is going to be a very competitive universe, will lie in their ability to include new sites very quickly. A lot of the web is gently falling into decay. The exciting sites of 1999 have not been updated for two or three years. Links break, things fall apart; but if the search bots fail to even include new sites the overall utility of the web will level off and then begin to decline.

Part of the reason I am inclined to think blogs and a blog style web publishing regime will gradually replace the static sites which appeared so very groovy four years ago is that blogs really do make it easy to be fresh. Now, if we could just convince the search engines that fresh is good....