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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Danger....Right Wing Fanatic Racist Alert

A week into the campaign and those crazy Conservatives are already coming up with ideas which would destroy the very foundation of Canada:
Ottawa-area MP Scott Reid, who was Harper's critic on the official languages portfolio, announced he would step down after telling the Moncton Times and Transcript it's time to consider ending the federal obligation to offer bilingual services from coast to coast.

He also told the newspaper that the requirement that senior public servants speak both languages should be lifted.

"That does not mean that you should (not) try to offer services better where you make a promise," Reid was quoted as saying.

"But it also means you ought to try and make realistic promises and try to deliver on them, as opposed to making a proposal that looks good on paper."
It is long past time for the failure of official bilingualism to be addressed in Canada. Reid was utterly right to bring it up and Harper was, frankly, rather dumb to have accepted his resignation.