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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



It's a blog, it's a photoblog, it's sodical software...God alone knows what it is but Caterina Fake's alternate life at Flickr is fun. I'll line up the links later but here is a sample of a literature post:
SealWyf says:

Last Friday, I was able to attend a talk by Nancy Pearl, author of Book Lust, and model for the infamous Librarian Action Figure. Nancy is a delightful speaker. Some quotes:

"Those of us who love to read have more than one life."

(Midnight thoughts after submitting the manuscript for Book Lust): "Oh my God -- I left out Anthony Trollope!"

(The sequel is to be called Book Lust 2: the morning after. It does include Anthony Trollope.)

(On why she sees a lot of movies): "I am married to a movie slut." She implied that if she didn't accompany him to movies, he might find other companions.

(On the Librarian action figure): "Once you're in plastic, what is there left to accomplish?"

Nancy is the creator of the "Rule of 50", which suggests how many pages of a book one should read before giving up on it:

1) If you're 50 or younger, read 50 pages. Time is limited, and books are nearly infinite.
2) If you're over 50, you have even less time. Subtract your age from 100, and read that many pages.

Nancy herself applies the rule ruthlessly. When she said that she starts about 15 books for each one she finishes, her audience, a group of Smithsonian librarians, gasped in admiration.