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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


The Harper Circle

Kevin Grace at the Ambler is not at all nice about the philosophical contortions of Stephen Harper.
It is also possible that Harper is a cynic and has from the beginning told particular people whatever he thinks they want to hear. There are five distinct stages to Harper’s career, and they describe a full circle.

1. Mid-1980s: Mulroneyite Conservative.
2. 1987-1997: The hard man of the Reform Party, holder of "extreme" opinions on Quebec and native Indians.
3. 1997-2000: The systemic revolutionary who argued that, as the Liberals keep winning elections, the first-past-the-post electoral system must be replaced with proportional representation.
4. 2001: The Alberta (quasi-) separatist. Signatory to and prime mover behind the "Alberta Agenda."
5. 2002-present: Mulroneyite Conservative.
the ambler
The grave danger faced by the Conservatives is that they will be seduced enough by the possibility of power to simply carry on with the policies of the Liberal Party pausing only to improve the management. While this might fly in Ontario, it is not what Canada needs.

The Conservative Party is petrified that the same brush which was used to tar Stockwell Day will smear Harper. So, instead of campaigning with a positive vision for Canada they are avoiding any vision. "Scare no voters" seems to be the theme so far. If they were running against anyone but the visionless Martin Liberals this would not it is just too tempting.