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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Old Europe welcomes New to sit below the Salt

Walesa is not a major player in Polish politics anymore, and he is prone to rambling in his public statements. Some reporters rolled their eyes at what he had to say. But he was not afraid to take dead aim at ludicrous labor laws enacted by the old member states that will restrict access to jobs in the west to workers from east. "After seven years our workers can access your market," Walesa complained. "This is communism, ladies and gentlemen." He would know.
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The arrival of the "new countries" in the EU is going to profoundly shake the status quo. These are the nations which Chirac suggested should shut up about the Iraq war. These are nations which need opportunity more than the guidance of the Germans and the French. It will be fascinating to see how well - if at all - Old Europe will adapt to the upstarts.