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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Sticking to its guns

Lovely to see the CBC sticking to its resolution not to commission or report polls during the election.
The federal sponsorship scandal has affected how almost half of Canadians will vote in the June 28 general election, according to a poll conducted for CBC.

Between May 12 and 18, telephone pollsters asked 2,100 people whether their voting intentions would be influenced by the Auditor General's findings that officials had broken normal accounting rules while spending millions of dollars promoting the federal government in Quebec during the 1990s.
Of course the Mother Corp will argue that this poll was commissioned before the election....yeah, right.

The point is that the polls are news. A surge in Liberal support, a drop in the NDP's are real news. What would have been more interesting would have been a commitement on the CBC's part to do in depth polling and release the raw results.