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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


A bit early to be this desperate

Of course Paul Martin had no idea two of his cabinet ministers were going to "swoop" down on Stephen Harper to badger him about economic issues and abortion. None....No, really, he'll resign if you can prove he knew...

This is the sort of tactic a party in a nose dive tries. Hey, the Liberals have nothing to lose. Combined with the idiocy of having the Children's Miracle Network break the law against third party advertising during the writ period,
I discovered to my amazement that the Children’s Miracle Network, normally a sensible organization comprising Canada’s premier children’s hospitals, had taken out a full page add showing a small child who had suffered a horrible accident and had been helped by the Network. In the picture was a woman that appeared to be the child’s mother and Prime Minister Paul Martin, shown reaching out to the child.
In the midst of an election campaign, perhaps the most divisive one in more than a decade, we have the Children’s Miracle Network sending a clear message to Canadian Conservatives — we support Paul Martin.
John Turley-Ewart, Across the Board
it looks to me as though the rot, and therefore the rout, has set in.

Update: Warren Kinsella "You know, guys, there's something called dying with dignity. This isn't."